Our outstanding safety record reflects our dedication to building a culture of safety.  From the President to employees at every job site, safety awareness is an integral component in any endeavor we undertake. At PEG, staff members and service partners share a willingness to uphold high safety standards, which helps us provide the safest and healthiest work environment possible. Our insurance experience modifier rate (EMR) has historically been well below the national average and is indicative of our commitment to safety and health in everything we do.  This lower EMR allows us a bidding advantage and represents a cost-savings to our clients.

PEG’s Safety Objective include:

  • Promoting the safety and well-being of each employee and his/her family.
  • Eliminating personal injury based on the belief that “injury-free” projects can and should occur.
  • Encouraging recommendations for improvements to safety throughout the company and each project.
  • Establishing individual responsibility for the safety program on each project that reaches all levels, including the workforce.

Our project manager and superintendents are responsible for accident prevention and reduction of on-the-job injuries.  We believe that success in accident reduction lies in planning ahead.  At PEG , we make every effort to cultivate a positive safety attitude at every level.  PEG’s Safety Program is designed for active participation by the entire project team.

Key Elements of our Safety Program include:

  • Company safety and health manual.
  • Drug and alcohol testing program.
  • New-employee orientation and training.
  • Accident and injury reporting system with follow-up corrective measures.
  • Site-specific Safety, Health, Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

Reinforcement of Safety:

  • Frequent safety evaluations of jobs.
  • Documented, weekly tool-box safety meetings.
  • Safety awards presented during tool-box safety meetings.
  • Safety training provided applicable to the project scope of work.
  • Safety Violation/Misconduct Enforcement Program.
  • Insurance company Loss Control Specialists visit the jobsite and make recommendations where warranted.
  • Partnering and coordination with the client for job-wide safety and health efforts.