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Power Engineering Group, Inc. was started in order to take advantage of the owner’s Electrical Engineering degree, experiences and contacts to start a Minority Small Business as an Electrical Contractor. PEG was designed to be Family run to take advantage of the Family minority status, experiences and Family future plans.

Rais Javed Mirza with extensive experience as a Project Manager for other companies PEG’s Founder and President saw an opportunity to start a company that will be capable to do exceptional work.  PEG was started August 1994.  Utilizing the owner’s teaching skills as a Certified Instructor for Electrical Systems, PEG was able to develop well-trained electricians to produce outstanding craftsmanship work, cultivating a reputation for excellent workmanship and integrity.  PEG quickly developed into a top-notch Family run Electrical Company.

PEG first started bidding contacts in the $25,000 to $75,000 range.  By 1996, our reputation started to bring in bid requests in the $100,000 to $300,000 range.  In early 1997 PEG expand the Company expertise to work on major contracts . With this expansion, we were able to reach the million-dollar revenue for the first time, and set the stage for PEG to go after major contracts in the $ 1 to $ 5 million dollar range. In 1998, we received our first million-dollar contract and by 1999 we started two major contracts that should take over 18 months duration. One of these jobs became PEG’s largest contract to date for $3.8 million dollars (BP-271 Orlando International Airport Improvement) from February 1999 to September 2000. After this PEG grew to work in bigger projects like the ongoing Orange County Master Pumping Stations (A multi-site project in the $1 – $5 million dollar range).

On November 2000 PEG was awarded by The Florida Association of Electrical Contractors – Central Florida Chapter with “The Craftsmanship Award” for the BP-271 Orlando International Airport Improvement Projects.

To expand our market, PEG enrolled and was accepted on March 2002 into the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program to compete for Federal contracts (SBA PRO Net#P0032947).  We now ready to serve federal agencies such as NASA and Patrick AFB.

On November 2002, PEG was awarded by The Florida Association of Electrical Contractors – Central Florida Chapter with its second “Craftsmanship Award” for the Orange County Corrections Phase II Expansion.  This award reaffirms our commitment to quality workmanship.

We then obtained the 2004 Central Florida Electrical Industry Award.

On 2004 we got our certification from Earthsafe Solutions Provider (By Siemens Solar) as an Independent Contractor.

PEG currently holds a 10 million dollar bonding capacity.